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Drug Discovery Initiative

Innovative drug discovery to support better health outcomes
A dynamic and interdisciplinary network that brings together the best people, technologies and tools to enable early stage drug discovery research.

Our initiative focuses on designing and developing innovative tools and techniques to identify novel therapeutic targets, delivery mechanisms, and bioactive molecules with high potential for industry uptake and clinical translation. It is built on collective expertise in drug discovery research from across the University, underpinned by state-of-the-art infrastructure and input from industry and clinical advisory groups.

The Drug Discovery Initiative is supported by its team, members, and partners, underpinned by the University of Sydney’s Research Portfolio.

We are a point of contact for internal researchers looking to connect with complementary capability in the area of drug discovery research, or for external stakeholders looking to engage with our researchers.


Through Sydney Analytical, we have a suite of facilities to support and accelerate early-stage drug discovery including:

  • robotic and automated platforms for many routine processes in the drug discovery pipeline
  • state-of-the-art vibrational, NMR, EPR, X-ray diffraction and scattering spectrometers 
  • protein production and purification facilities for bacterial, insect and mammalian expression systems
  • a fragment-based drug design platform, including Biacore and other in vitro assays
  • expertise and assistance in synchrotron and neutron characterisation and imaging techniques.


Cancer 荆门中安和设备有限公司

While therapies and prognoses for most cancers have improved drastically over the last two decades, there is still huge potential for further improvement through the development of targeted interventions and treatments, and a better understanding of the genetic and molecular mechanisms of cancers. We are working to develop bioactive molecules that enhance the understanding, prevention, and treatment of cancers.

Infectious diseases 共和和益正商贸有限公司

With incidences of drug resistance increasing across many infectious diseases, there is a pressing need to develop new and more effective treatments. Our researchers are working to overcome disease resistance by discovering new targets and lead compounds to tackle diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and fungal infections. 

Inflammation 东莞汇隆永有限公司

Regulating the body’s inflammatory responses for treating pain and inflammation have applications in a growing list of disorders. Our research focuses on the identification and validation of novel targets implicated in pain, inflammation and autoimmunity, with potential applications in the understanding and treatment of cancers, central nervous system, metabolic and cardiovascular disorders.

Neurodegenerative and central nervous system disorders such as dementia and systemic pain, are becoming increasingly prevalent with increasing life-spans. We are working to identify targets and develop lead compounds that selectively modulate the central nervous system.

Metabolic and cardiovascular diseases 怀化旺辉盈机械有限公司

Diseases relating to metabolic and cardiovascular disorder, such as diabetes and obesity, represent a rapidly growing health problem in Australia and globally. Our researchers are pursuing therapeutic leads to target such diseases.


This 2-day conference features a range of speakers, with the first day focusing on cancer, infectious diseases, and Neuro-drug, and the second day focusing on dysfunctional proteostasis, protein aggregation diseases and proteinopathies, especially those related to neurodegeneration.

View the program of talks for the conference. 

9-10 December 2019, Camperdown campus. Register now



Professor Michael Kassiou
Phone: +61 2 9351 2745


Julia Ning
Phone: +61 2 9114 4246



Talk slides from speakers:



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